Services and goods


Export-import of civil aircraft and equipment
  • Export of civil planes and helicopters, both new and used;
  • Export of aircraft engines and auxiliary power units;
  • Export of complex and procedural simulators, training materials and visual aids (training classes, sections, models, benches, etc.);
  • Export of ground equipment (landing systems, communications, air traffic control systems, navigation aids and other airfield equipment) and control equipment;
  • Export of all types of civil parachutes and rescue equipment.
After-sale service and repairs of civil aircraft. Delivery of civil aircraft spares
  • Organization of aircraft overhaul and refurbishment;
  • Delivery of spare parts, units and equipment for all types of Russian aircraft;
  • Equipping of control equipment sites and laboratories for testing, adjustment and repair of aviation and radio-electronic equipment;
  • Engineering services extending the service life of aircraft;
  • Facilitation of the opening of service centers abroad;
  • Training, retraining and professional development of pilots and ground specialists in all types of aviation simulators;
  • Secondment of specialists for the operation, maintenance and repair of delivered civil aircraft and ground equipment, etc.
Foreign trade services
  • Aircraft marketing;
  • Drafting, conclusion and fulfillment of foreign trade contracts for projects of Russian enterprises;
  • Settlements with foreign partners and Russian enterprises;
  • Development of financing schemes for foreign trade projects, attraction of investments to regions of the Russian Federation;
  • Legal elaboration and support of projects in the process of their implementation;
  • Coordination of operations of Russian project participants;
  • Organization of insurance and customs clearance of exported-imported cargo;
  • Facilitation of international travel formalities, organization of international trips and support to Russian specialists abroad;
  • Transport and logistics services.
Organization of enterprises’ participation in international exhibitions and airshows
  • Organization of the participation of Russian enterprises and companies in international exhibitions and airshows;
  • Organization of negotiations, presentations, press conferences;
  • Organization of protocol events.
Advertising, information services and consultations
  • Close business relations with the Russian aircraft building industry;
  • Long-standing business contacts and 50-year experience of operations on the global market with leading aviation media outlets inside and outside Russia.