11.05.2022    Report on voting at the annual general meeting of shareholders drafted, sent to all association shareholders

28.04.2022    V/O Aviaexport PLC shareholders hold annual general meeting

Association results 2021 in brief:

The association’s plan for income from all types of activities was fulfilled by 104.7% in 2021. Income from export operations amounted to 101.9%. Net profit from financial and economic activities after tax in 2021 amounted to 44.7 million rubles.

In the field of rental business, in the second half of 2021, we managed to reverse the negative trend and fulfill the plan by 106.6%.

In the field of financial investments, profitability began to rise in the second half of the year as the Russian Central Bank raised the key rate. The plan was fulfilled by 114.5%.

The association is continuing to increase capitalization thanks to the positive financial results of the previous calendar year.

As the reporting year showed, the association has a clear, efficient and reliable management structure that controls liquidity, operational activities, the working capital status and the movement of funds by relevant financial instruments.

During the reporting year, the association’s management continued to pursue a social policy aimed at increasing remuneration of employees in accordance with the results achieved, making timely payments as prescribed by the Collective Agreement, ensuring professional development of personnel and providing them with healthcare services.

Association priorities in 2022:

  1. Ensure cost-effective operation and implementation of the financial and economic plan of the association for 2022;
  2. Continue the search for and work with new projects, goods and types of Russian products, develop imports to the benefit of Russian clients, and broaden the geography of exports;
  3. Continue to raise the efficiency of the association’s participation in tenders for the delivery of aviation hardware and after-sale service to aircraft;
  4. Upgrade the association’s website in Russian and English for broadening contacts with potential buyers;
  5. Carry out constant control over accounts receivable and accounts payable, optimize the association’s expenses, create financial reserves in the association’s accounting policy to finance extraordinary expenses;
  6. Increase the association’s capitalization;
  7. Continue to expand and deepen relations with aircraft and aviation hardware manufacturers;
  8. Maintain information security and protect the association’s databases from external impacts;
  9. Carry out a balanced human resources policy, train personnel reserves and recruit young specialists to accommodate the association’s needs.